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Monday, February 04, 2008

What I Watched Tonight

It's always a little weird when you see people on television who you've heard on the radio. Today I found out what writer Byron Beck, a frequent mention on The Rick Emerson Show, looks like. That girl talked to him on PDX 49, because they were showing the episode of The Simpsons with John Waters and the gay steel workers. I guess because Byron Beck is gay? He didn't talk about any upcoming project of his or anything that I saw; he danced with the station hostess or whatever. After that I watched How I Met Your Mother, which while entertaining, at least 15% of that is due to Alyson Hannigan, if not more. Suddenly, a pilot! A new show! It just came out of nowhere, so I watched it. I enjoyed Welcome To The Captain. It wasn't amazing or anything. I'll admit the two largest reasons I continued to watch were sloth and unending loyalty to the Arrested Development cast. I spent a few minutes trying to place Joanna Garcia, first thinking she might have been Kristen Bell, finally realizing I recognized her from Reba. I feel very foolish for this mistake and guilty for recognizing anyone from the cast of Reba. I don't know if the show will take off (it has a decent hook[likes a pretty girl in his building but whoops she has a long distance boyfriend, will he get the girl?], but a shaky premise[he lives in a strange apartment building with lots of interesting neighbors, so what?]). I was really tempted to bust out a triple bracket there, but I felt I was pushing it as is. I apologize! I hope it does well; I want all the cast of Arrested Development to do well (and not do this). Also, I wouldn't mind to continue seeing Joanna Garcia a little more either. At least, until Heroes reclaims that Monday night time slot.

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