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Friday, May 02, 2008


I was really hoping he'd flip it all the way over; am I a bad person?

So my brother had a grade A freak-out today. I normally wouldn't care because I find him annoying and quarrelsome, so I try to avoid him and his affairs as much as possible, but I was the only one available to pick him up from his half-day two-day suspension. At one point the principal offered to have a deputy escort him off premises, an offer I found very tempting as an older sibling. The whole event was mildly embarrassing and awkward, but I kept reminding myself that I'm just a sibling and that I did similar things as a child. I found this very interesting though:
Is that...

Yes, it is a Hannah Montana educational cd!! I didn't get a chance to take a look at it because of the screaming and pouting and whatever. I'm a little impressed that I was able to find a moment to snap the picture undetected at all actually (why must my phone make that retarded shutter sound?). Perhaps on another day in which Bruce and myself are in a more amicable setting I will ask him his opinion of Miss Cyrus. Or not. I really don't like being a parent, even by proxy.

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