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Monday, May 05, 2008

It's Never Schistosomiasis

I really feel that this image is entirely self-explanatory.

Oooh! ScribeFire has updated! Fancy! Maybe this will cure my blog-lag (unlikely).

Mondays have become the second best night of television, which makes my families attempts at Family Home Evening a little awkward. I mean, I know the Dr. House will solve the case at 42 minutes, but that doesn't make it less exciting (except on dvd). We were going to try to eat the durian I gave my brother for his birthday for tonights lesson, but Doctor House was on the case (also Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother).

I really like this update. It is very nice. Except the text size buttons are backwards, but I'm getting distracted.

So, umm, there's this thing I do. I like to think it's quirky, but it's really more eccentric. I'll try to explain it without sounding bonkers:

When my little sister was little(r), she had some sort of intestinal parasite and we all had to take some sort of antibiotic or something to be sure that we hadn't caught it as well. I'm not really sure, it was a long time ago and all I really remember about what I've grown to call The Buttworms Incident was taking a large pill at bedtime and my mother describing seeing the worms wiggle in my sister's stools. Chilling.

I believe I've made other posts about parasites before, but these really freaked me out. To this day, I will still peer down to make sure my defecations aren't wriggling. Also color and consistency. I joke about that last part.Mostly. Anyways, it's always bothered me that I had no idea what this parasite was called. I have now come to believe that they are pinworms. Knowing is half the battle. The other half is defecating?

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