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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Forest Ninja (photos!)

Photo posts of my recent adventures!

Of my brief foray into Eugene, this is Bruce Campbell stencil is the only picture worth posting.
During my brief expedition to Big 5 I found this gem. That kid will mess you up. He even makes jumping rope look bad-ass. You wouldn't see this kid playing with scented hula hoops, which were rather disappointing by the way.
I shared a bed with this. Yes, it was everything you'd imagine it to be and more.
Though we saw a plethora of elk, deer, and other creatures with haunting eyes along Route 12, this was the closest thing we saw to a bear.
Jesus was present with a sexy Santa Claus and a little Wonder Woman, neither of whom are present in this picture. I also saw a parrot and a banana. Surprisingly, no eagles or sharks.
I don't know who this is, but there was a long line of people wanting his signature. Don't bother trying to tell me, I won't care.
This haircut was so horrible, I had to have a picture.
I am looking forward to this greatly. I was bereaved when I learned he had been there on Saturday. Looking at the cast, I am already in love.

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