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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I couldn't think of a proper integration joke

I was not trying to procrastinate tonight; I promptly quit playing playing with my Orange Box at eight pm and dutifully found my lappy and began to search relevant terms for a paper. But in the process became aware of something that I had to share.

There are many problems with this paper. First, it is due on a day which proves inconvenient to me, so I'll need to have it done early. Next, it is about our personal relationships and involves a great deal of self-disclosure in the process. Finally, I don't know which relationship I'd like to write about. Then there is the tricky question of: Where do you think you will go from here (get closer, stay the same, or come further apart?)

A much easier question would have been, where would you have liked to have gone? I can think of a few places...

There's an alternate assignment if we really don't want to bare our souls to a short, bald divorcer, but I don't think I'll take it. I almost enjoy introspection, as much as that is possible? I don't know what I'm saying.

In any case, I hit the Google and found the website of the author of the Knapp's Relationship Escalation and Termination Model. Woohoo, super interesting. Not really, until you check out his course schedule and you access his powerpoint presentations.

The content is pretty sparse. I've only viewed a few, but enough to reach a conclusion: these are the worst powerpoints I have ever seen. Each slide has more bells, whistles, and honks than Sesame Street. Every bullet gets a ding and every title a whoosh. I'm exaggerating a little, but only so it won't seem so bad if you actually decide to view them. Don't click prematurely either. You wouldn't want to cut short the songs.

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