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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sexy Ribbit

Every year my mother has asked for a the same thing for Mother's Day: a clean and peaceful home. She has never once received it. This year, she gave up and told us not to get her anything, but I'm pretty certain that she'd still enjoy those things if they could be managed and is just preparing to marginalize her disappointment. While it's obvious I can't influence my siblings to do good things, I ought to clean a little to maintain my most favored child status. While I'm not a naturally tidy person, I actually kind of like picking up things, putting things away, looking at things, and occasionally vacuuming, but I absolutely loath scrubbing things (strangely dishes more than toilets). My solution to laundry is just to own a ridiculous amount of clothes. Today cleaning was especially rewarding. It's not quite as good as my brother's homework, but it still made me laugh (sexy frog!).

Please contact me if you find any of the frogs' missing limbs.

I'm not sure why she chose frogs to doodle in what I assume to be a very boring health class. I doubt she was trying to rift off some sort of sperm-tadpole-frog motif. Maybe she was trying to be ironic? Oh. Now it's not so funny anymore. Dammit...

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