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Saturday, January 05, 2008

This is how the Zombie War begins...

I've just started World War Z, which begins in the same place I've been hearing stories about on the radio and a week after seeing I am Legend. I've made a huge mistake...

NPR : Three Gorges History Drowning in Rising Reservoir
The ancient village of Dachang was once full of picturesque cobbled streets and ancient wooden temples. Now the village had been reconstituted uphill as a sort of theme park. Workers lay new cobblestones, as men dressed up as Qing Dynasty soldiers guard the gates.

"We feel very proud because the government has spent all this money to move the village," says village employee Lei Haoming. "This means that it will not be submerged, but preserved for people to see in the future, and so we feel that our culture has been well preserved."

As is often the case in China, replication is often confused with historic preservation. The main difference, of course, is that no actual residents live here anymore. They've been relocated so as to facilitate the business of separating tourists from their money.

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