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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nerd Moment

I had a huge nerd moment this morning. I often (see: always) sleep through my first alarm, which is set to NPR. News softly diffuses into my dreams and I'm followed by an acute sensation of deja vu the rest of day. Occasionally I'll wake up, listen to a story and drift back to sleep. I had a particularly weird experience this morning. I can't remember what the story was, but it was discussing Obama, I think. I suppose it doesn't really matter, because it doesn't have an relevance to my little story, but they mentioned Jon Stewart and the nerd in my immediately thought of John Stewart, a Green Lantern. I'm not sure how I confused the two; it was a low moment for me. Enjoy this picture of Jon Stewart as some sort of giant Superman swatting jets on top of a skyscraper:

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Melanie said...

I think what truly proves your nerd-dom is that you didn't think of super-amazing UO runningback Jonathan Stewart. WOE IS YOU.

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