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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tom loves Craigslist

Tom Leykis (whose wikipedia entry has recently been butchered) loves talking about Craigslist and Myspace and how they are used to facilitate sexual encounters. Tom Leykis is reading this on air right now. It's pretty funny. I'm glad I didn't turn the radio off right away like usual. His monologues are always the best part of his show, aside from the occasional listener smack-down, although that was what turned me off his show to begin with. I began to notice how he'd start talking over people when they disagreed with him, and suddenly he was not-so-different from Bill O'Reilly and the experience was ruined. Most all of his callers agree with him (and then continue to testify on how often he is right and how listening has changed their life), so after the first ten minutes, you've heard the remaining 50 before the next monologue. Most of the things he talks about are true, to those to whom such truths apply, or I must assume so as I have no contradictory evidence to disprove or refute his claims and he seems credible. Even so, I imagine there's some self-filtering of opposing arguments, because the next 5 callers will probably rail against you after you've been talked over by Tom, and who wants that? Thus it seems that the only opposition he receives are from new listeners who aren't familiar with all of his stances (he speaks in broad terms and never says always) and outraged women. Although I don't listen to him often anymore or agree with some of his positions, or follow the lifestyle he advocates, he is a very successful broadcaster and I suggest anyone who hasn't heard him, or heard of him, to check him out. It's hard to compare him to any other broadcaster, so far as my knowledge permits, although comparisons could be made to a secular televangelism program with it's proclamations of truth and life changing testimonials. Here in Portland he is on AM 970 from 3pm-7pm.

best of craigslist : It's me! Every girl ever.

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