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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pink Ranger's Myspace

It's not as cool as the Black Ranger's myspace, because she didn't completely fade into obscurity following the show (remember Suzie Q with Jimmy Olsen?) and makes music or something. Eh, I'll probably still send a friend request.

Here's how she describes herself in the About section:
I fluctuate from happy to sad more than five times in one day and I always enjoy the ride… When I want something I focus my entire being in that direction and either it’s a win or it’s a failure but at least I definitely tried… I do better alone than with a partner… I hope for magic and live in a daydream… I love to break the rules for the sake of an interesting life… I do nothing small… probably because I am… I flow with creative passion and jump from project to project chasing the wave of inspiration… Happiness to me is an important part of this great adventure… happiness to me is when I am in the flow of living in harmony with my insides… Happiness to me is when my brain doesn’t run the ship… is when I am on autopilot… when wisdom is silence.

Oddly, that's sort of what I expected.

MySpace.com - Amy Jo Johnson - Cape Cod, US - Folk Rock / Indie / Folk - www.myspace.com/amyjojohnsonmusic

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