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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Love is Over

He really does not look very lifelike to me.

Did I mention yesterday that Hillary Clinton was at least a half hour later than promised? The doors didn't open until 8am, some had even camped over night, and she didn't begin speaking until 10am. I understand she was late to her appearance in Eugene as well. On her first visit to Oregon, she could have at least stayed the whole day, out of solidarity. But no, she booked it to Montana before the day was even over. We don't get a whole day? I can't hold it against Montana though, they never get attention either. She arrives late and leaves early; Clinton Country, my ass!

What will I do with the cardboard heart (of the Oregon ♥ Hillary) I took (off the railings) from the rally now? It is broken (figuratively).

Speaking of, you really ought to check out Daniel Schorr's little essay here on NPR. It's really great and as a stickler makes me happy inside. He kind of has a bit of the old man's mouth thing going on, where he sounds like he has a bunch of cotton in his mouth or something, but that may have partially been because I was half awaken when I listened to him the first time
(I make a habit out of going back and listening to my favorite Weekend Edition stories and they are usually more enjoyable the second time). If you can spare two and a half minutes of your life, it's worth it.

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