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Friday, April 18, 2008

From Russia with love

I don't enjoy blogging without my mouse plugged in, but my cat has marooned me. I had only planned to watch a few episodes of Stella before the cat decided to take a nap on my chest and she's too cute to move. In any case it gives me a chance to practice a little bit of html and I can always edit later. This is actually an edit. Disprove that; I dare you.

I recently tried to tweak the template on my moblog and failed. If you can hear the teen buzz on that site please let me know, because I can't. It's really quite silly and it doesn't matter. It might matter if I had my own domain. Perhaps one in the Sovient Union? I've toyed with the idea of registering one before, mostly as fantasy, but having one in the former Soviet Union sounds fun, if only for novelty. The price seems reasonable, even if the return (for me at least), would not be. I guess I could put up some ads, but whatever.

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