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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Complicated

I changed my relationship status on Facespace to In a relationship for today. That will change at midnight to It's complicated until the joke resolves itself. I received the brilliant comment of "?". That made it all worthwhile. For that reason, the joke will persist overnight.

jedisteve101 (11:02:37 PM):
what's with the in relationship thing?
The Saxy Poet (11:02:51 PM): i met someone
jedisteve101 (11:02:58 PM): who?
The Saxy Poet (11:03:02 PM): her name is April
jedisteve101 (11:03:14 PM): lemme guess
jedisteve101 (11:03:19 PM): April Fools
The Saxy Poet (11:03:23 PM): i win!

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