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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Proper Dental Hygiene

I guess it does kind of vibrate..

I briefly mentioned yesterday the importance of proper dental hygiene. Like less than a sentence. I'm really making a stretch to backlink here. In that same pitiful sentence I mentioned women and whatever so maybe there's a more legitimate connection than I'm trying to force.

I've been having a sort of fuzzy feeling all day, it's not quite déjà vu, but it's a little troubling. Any attempts to describe it will sound ridiculous (my brain tickles!), so I will provide a brief anecdote: I spent all of my geography class wondering why the girl sitting behind me seemed so familiar only to have my friend tell me that it was because we went to high school together. It seemed bizarre, but there are countless mind hacks, literally! Oh, I did it again.

I always feel guilty if I don't show my history when I link to something. In this case, I went through this Wired story to find this amazing piece of research, entitled "Tooth-brushing epilepsy with ictal orgasms". This is my favorite part, from the case report:
...while brushing her teeth, she suddenly felt sexually aroused and experienced orgasm-like euphoria very similar to orgasms during coitus. The erotic feeling was followed by a period of impairment of consciousness lasting for about 2 minutes. There were no jerky movements or convulsions. For the next 5 years, she experienced recurrent episodes of these ‘unknown’ orgasms approximately twice every week and occurring exclusively during tooth brushing. She believed that she was possessed by a demon and felt shame and fear.

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