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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stab Stab

I'm not sure the sheath is really necessary.

I expressed earlier my relief that I certain weapons are hard to acquire as I would certainly injure myself immediately upon acquisition. In a continuation of this thought, I present the Ballistic Knife:
I love Wikipedia just for this reason. I didn't even know this thing existed until this afternoon!

It is a weapon I should never (and never will be) be allowed to handle, yet desire to exceedingly (if only to see it shoot, once, please!), perhaps more so because of the status as contraband. Even when the blade found itself inevitably implanted in someone's thigh, I feel it would make a great anecdote. So then, it just shot off and hit Steve in the leg and he's screaming and there's blood everywhere and I'm freaking out!


I find the mix of projectile and melee weapon intriguing, as do these guys at Halfbakery. I'm not entirely sure what is being said here, but I like it:
I'm almost certain they did that in a video game... one of the Final Fantasy ones. and i dont think youd bring you KnifeGun to a gun fight as much as youd bring your GunKnife to a Knife fight. you fight like a knife, close range combat and all, then at the opertune moment where your oponents knife used to be is now a bloody hole in his hand.
disarmed and wounded you move in for the kill, a stabing and slicing kill. onlookers will see that you've won the knife fight, but be dumbfounded as to what just happened.
"did he shoot him?"
"no, he had his knife in his hand the whole time, how could he have?"
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 22 2003
One of the other posters made a little more sense than this particular fellow and using that insight I was able to discover another weapon I will never have access to, again on wikipedia. It's a little disappointing. I did earn the rifler shooting merit badge.

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