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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Clothing Makes The Man

Although, I was really tempted to get this Green Lantern shirt.

The belt buckle debacle has gotten me thinking about the futility of life or something. What does it mean when a shoe commercial is correct? I am highly suspect of the study, and even more curious where I, an adultish male that wears the shoes of children, fit in this world of those who sneak and those who don't. Also, I can't help but wonder which sneakers the captains of industry are wearing with their suits.
"Casual, carefree, I don't take myself too seriously -- that's what I hope my shoes say about me," Kelley said.
Yeah, that's how I roll.

In any case, I've expressed interest in augmenting my vision with more utility. There are sunglasses with speakers, but they are prohibitively expensive. I had heard rumors of sunglasses with rear view mirrors, but I found nothing appropriate for everyday use. Perhaps I would have had more luck if I thought to search for more than mirror sunglasses. Thinking they might have something similar, or at least a name, I ventured to The Streets of Tanasbourne with a friend. They did not, although in fairness, we didn't really give The Sunglasses Hut a fair chance because they were obviously too cool for us. We were not too cool for Hot Topic and so we stepped in there for a moment. For a time, I felt really icky for owning a Snakes on a Plane shirt I purchased there whenever ago. For a niche retailer, they certainly cover a diverse set of interests. From Harry Potter trading cards and Halo 3 action figures to pink bustiers and Simpsons merch, I suppose a better question is what don't they try to sell? I imagine having merchandise at Hot Topic is one of the signs a band has sold out to some, when really, Hot Topic has just bought in.

Oh, and it turns out the sunglasses were here all along.

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