Waffling in THREE dimensions.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Apologizes to the Ether

I decided not to crop it because I have nothing to hide.

I haven't written much lately, although I've had many fine ideas, and I will continue to blame that stupid list for a little while longer and maybe a little bit of procrastination for good measure. I probably should be a little more devout if I want a readership, although my moblog has become quite popular among a few. In any case, I wanted to follow up this post a bit. While I was fiddling with my privacy settings on the aforementioned moblog I noticed that Google kindly offers to help you register a domain, should you want to fork out the $10 USD. I was curious and decided to check the availability of a few choice name variations on waffle. I found the suggested results amusing and I hope you will to [see above].

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