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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gifts that Give

You can see how a man like this might be easily fooled.

What makes me sadder than learning of a celebrity death? Knowing that I had not properly anticipated their demise. Honestly, I thought he had died some time ago and feel a little silly for not checking. Besides, I only had room for ten people. I should talk about something more upbeat.

I wrote last week about a simple April Fool's Day prank I had performed. I had let it linger for a bit for realism and to verify that I had caught a fool. I didn't expect to catch another. Lifted from my FaceSpace:

I'm actually curious how you're doing as a whole. I've been somewhat keeping track of your status changes and relationship status and I want to know if you're doing okay.
And after I replied, "I WIN! That was April Fool's. You are number three." He continued:
I figured it was an April Fool's prank, but part of me considered you might actually be dating Rachel, so I withheld complete judgment on it until just now, thus giving you Epic Win. I did ask my girlfriend if she was just working with you to pull off the most eleborate and cruel April Fool's prank ever and had part of myself prepared if on April 1st she just yelled "April Fool's bitch!" and dumped me. Luckily she did not do that. I'm convinced it's coming next year, thus making it 80 times more eleborate and cruel.
He's wrong, of course; It would only be 52 times as cruel.

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