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Monday, April 21, 2008

When I Learn Semaphore, I Will Use Toy Lightsavers to Communicate

An integral part of my study practices.

Why am I procrastinating to the point of elongating sentences just to kill a few moments? I have to write a paper on a revolution in communication tonight, so of course, I am blogging. I would write about the revolution of blogging, but I might have a hard time finding printed sources to lend it that air of credibility that bloggers already suffer from. I am leaning towards doing something on semaphore, based almost primarily on my experiences from scouting, and because someone mentioned carrier pigeons in class stealing the novelty I crave in my reports. I even dug out my old handbooks to see what glorious tidbits they contain. I was not disappointed:

This is by no means the best image I could find, just the first to strike me.

This image is from the 10th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook. The transition to the 11th left me rather cold. A lot of the weirder parts of scouting (see above) were omitted, although there was still some great moments. I was disappointed when I could no longer find anything about signaling, or identifying specific tree species. But I am very glad they retained the cringe-inducing how to remove a hook from your finger instructional.

The poor image quality is to discourage yours from playing with fishhooks.

I was actually procrastinating so hard earlier that I got the blue screen of death. This is the video that tipped my lappy over. I have an addiction to tabs, which is fatal.

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