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Friday, March 14, 2008

Human Grease

One of my lifetime goals has been to see Antarctica. Preferably not in this fashion though. I made the mistake of reading that quite late last night, or this morning, as a bit of procrastination from doing the report on Mount Erebus proper. The part about human grease really got to me. Although the debris is visible from the air, it doesn't appear to be visible on Google Earth, since all of Antarctica looks like utter garbage on there anyways-- don't bother looking. Putting the report off until the last moment, was of course, a huge mistake. I still have to make a corresponding powerpoint presentation, which will be rough, as I really haven't committed the types of lava to my memory or the significance of phonolitic lava versus the basanitic lava that makes up the shield base of Erebus. It will be a fun day! I still have like 3 hours to finish it. That seems like a lot less time now that I say it out loud. Oh shi-

There were other things I was going to blog about, some incident involving my brother being attacked by a jumping spider, maybe something about how Steeeve has declared that this will be The Summer of Derek? I don't remember, or rather, I've forgotten what else was important besides being crushed by lava bombs. I have that bitter taste in my mouth, too. Lovely.

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