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Monday, March 24, 2008

Exception for Alyson Hannigan

For some reason my ForecastFox keeps telling me there is a SEVERE WEATHER ALERT for Beaverton, Oregon. It started sprinkling when I drove to get my haircut, it was pretty awesome. It almost messed up my haircut, which apparently looks like "Dumb and Dumber" according to my family. They are always so supportive, although I tend to agree, and, in fact, anticipated this.

Perhaps it could have been avoided. I imagine in some sort of stop-time event with the big Δ flashing on the screen in front of my face or something. Unlike my siblings, I strive to be as non confrontational as possible. It's all part of my ninja-esque strategy of flying under the radar as much as possible. This, unfortunately, includes when I get a haircut. Every question I was asked I simply replied affirmative, even when I wasn't completely sure what was being asked. This was probably a bad idea. Oh well, I wear a hat.

How I Met Your Mother is about to start, a show I generally enjoy, although it has it's poorer moments. I expect tonight to be one of those. CBS keeps compromising the show, which I feel stands just fine on its own, with guest stars like Enrique Iglesias, Mandy Moore, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and tonight, Britney Spears. It reminds me of what happened with Scrubs with guest stars, which jumped the shark some time ago. Interestingly, Sarah Chalke is on tonight's episode. In the time it's taken me to type all this and provide adequate links, the show has started. I'll get back to this whole blagging thing later.

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