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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Magic is in the Links

I'm going to have to keep this post short before the cat tries to sit on my laptop again. This gets the typical response from internet friends.

I just finished watching the second half of Bush's War that I taped from PBS. Will the vocubulary change now that we no longer use tapes to record? It was very good, and very detailed. I found the first half much more insightful that the second, perhaps because I was in high school during the Bush's first term and was greatly concerned with events, while the second half dealt with the execution of the war rather than the run-up which took place largely behind closed doors. I found the entire thing rather unsettling, not unlike another Frontline Special. I don't really want to go on about how I view the present administration, but I recommend Frontline for anyone who can sit through the 4+ hours of content in this case. I especially enjoy the intense zoom into the black and white photos for dramatic effect. That never gets old.

Angelica Thornton just spilled water on herself during a break. Hot.

Nightline has a special on about Gorda, California. It's actually quite charming. Well, not the story, but the people.

Lastly, am I the only one who finds watching the relationship status changes on FaceSpace absolutely fascinating? Even for people I only marginally care about, it's fun to try and piece together the mystery.

This post has rounded itself off rather nicely. I am pleased.

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