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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rhode Motherfucking Island

I cleaned my car! It's an exciting day!

I don't know that a proper name was ever assembled for this day the way Super Tuesday has been styled. I think some people have been calling it Mini Tuesday or Super Tuesday Part Deux or something else. All the names are lame. It's exciting nonetheless.

What does this mean? Primarily, that I'll spend the night sitting in front of the tv refreshing npr and NYTimes every few minutes for the most current current events. I'll also read other interesting events while I eat pepperoni and my brother watches Fetch! and sucks on raw hot dogs. I tried to get a picture of that, but I kept getting a lot of lens flare. I realize now this is because I was trying to take pictures of myself with my cat, Magenta, perched on my shoulder in the dark and adjusted settings. They didn't turn out that well either.

In one of those stories above an author laments the use of the word folks. This word has bothered me for some time.

When I was a young boy I had somewhat of a speech improvement. I think I've largely grown out of it, but certain words still make me nervous. You would be weary too if you were consistently asked to say the word "lava" by company who would then laugh profusely at the word "wava." Fucking L's.

While the author takes issue with the use as an inhibitor of knowledge, it bothers me that it has that damn L in it. Also the words colonel, mouth, and both. There's no L, it's pronounced bo-th. But you sound like such an ass when you say it. There are others, but I feel embarrassed enough by this post.

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