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Monday, March 10, 2008


I grabbed the above image from a bulletin board at a community college. It made me go wtfffffff and fill with a rage that could only be properly expelled in one way.

Speaking of such an exciting weekend, how could I ever hope to cover everything in just one post? I probably won't ever cover everything that happened, even with me moblogging the significant events as they unfolded. I got a lot of perspective, to be certain. Unfortunately, no one wanted to try the methylene blue. More for me, I guess.

My host is an interesting fellow. Or is that was because he is no longer my host? That makes for an excellent segue: he is an english major with a high school drama background and a religious fervor, although technically agnostic, I believe. I don't wish to reveal his dox or I'd just link to his Myspace page, but the point is as a formerly Mormon bandgeek (on both accounts for the most part), we ran in different circles in high school and didn't become friends until senior year when we were thrust into a mandated reading group as part of the school's silly attempt to boost test scores. Eventually we went on zany adventures trying to get jobs as Elves in a Santa display and misadventures to numerous to name, tied by the common bond that we can't hardly get some. No one gets that reference, but it was the original title of this blog; it's still listed in my favorites under that name. In any case, I was the newest of his high school friends invited (many of whom I hadn't even realized I went to high school with at all!) and I often set up an antagonistic dynamic with people, especially people I like. I don't know why I'm always such a douche bag and see no reason to justify or rationalize it at the current time. The point is, I fell somewhere between observer and outsider. It was interesting. The offer of methylene blue probably didn't help any either. Oh well.

I'm going to end this post earlier than I had anticipated because I've realized I don't have anything productive to express at this moment. I told myself I'd work on one of my finals tonight, but it probably won't happen. I'll blame DST.

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