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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amy Adams gives me stirrings in my utility belt

I just noticed a new story on In Character: Catwoman. Which includes this quote from the king of camp, Adam West, describing the actresses who have played the part, "They all gave me curious stirrings in my utility belt." Oh, Adam...

I can hear in the other room that Oprah is talking about erectile dysfunction and vasectomies, (and other urogenital health issues I assume). I'm not really that interested in finding out, although I wonder if the episode implies that Oprah has some silent male demographic, previously undiscovered, living in a remote jungle or someplace ever more exotic. They do call him Dr. Oz. I took some class, titled Media and the Presence of Reality or something similar; it was a philosophy class filled with idiots of the highest caliber. It was painful at times, although I found the day we talked about Oprah, and watched her on her dvd, unintentionally lulzy (which is the best kind). One of the essay topics for the final was on Oprah and about how whether talkshows like hers provide a vital public service or merely suppose to and the consequences such. When she talked about Middlesex, I can imagine that being in the best interest of the public, but then she interviews Hannah Montana? I cannot fault her; her format is widely successful and popular, although the testimonials on the dvd did her no service. One of which claimed that she had planned to kill herself until she saw that days episode of Oprah and changed her mind. This perhaps speaks more to the mental condition of this viewer (or all viewers?) than the power of the format and I further wonder why so late in the day? It's not over until like 5pm here. I instead chose to write about reality television in an essay of dubious quality. I do not doubt, having edited a cohort's work for a group project, that on the basis of grammar alone, that my paper will receive adequate marks. I've been informed that the audience in the episode which inspired this tangent is entirely male. More questions to ponder!

I was going to write something about how Enchanted may have broken my families Eckhart spree. I never should have told them that he was Mormon. They seemed more skeptical when I shared similar knowledge of Julianne Hough. She doesn't dress like it! They retorted. Of course, this paragraph wouldn't be complete without mentioning that Amy Adams was, and so was Katherine Heigl, but these things don't mean anything. Except that I'll have a good ice-breaker should I ever met Amy Adams or Ryan Gosling.

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