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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Companions, anyone?

Companions, anyone? I always like to start with a picture.

I was awoken in the worst way. I hope it doesn't linger. Although I should probably be thankful, I can't imagine much else that would have roused me other than the rush to turn off the radio. Alas, I was not fast enough.

That wasn't the first thing to wake me up, really. I found this story very interesting, especially considering I'd just just done a horrible presentation on Mount Erebus. They aren't at McMurdo though. Although their story has a mistake:

The South Pole lies ahead — a simple metal pole stuck in the snow. It marks the exact location of the bottom of the world, 90 degrees latitude. (Actually this pole has to move about 30 feet every year because the entire Antarctic continent floats.)
The pole doesn't actually move. I mean, the axis does wobble, but it still remains the axis. And I'm pretty certain they aren't talking about the magnetic pole or anything. What they are referring to is that the glaciers move, and the bases are built upon them, because you aren't going to go through a mile of ice to build a base that would be crushed by all the ice around it. I'm not sure that's clear. The continent of Antarctica does not float, it moves in accordance to the theory of plate tectonics (which is significantly less than 30 feet), but the ice above it does. Anyways, still interesting.

I then watched Legion of Superheroes and the Spectacular Spider-man, which I've decided can only end badly.

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