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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Faux Post

I just got back from the 4th Annual Faux Film Festival held in the historic Hollywood Theatre. I feel I should mention I heard about it here so I can add the public broadcasting tag to this post. This, of course, meant taking the Metro Access Express, but I'll get to that in a moment. As the name suggests, the festival revolves around "Spoofs, Satires, Parodies, Mocumentaries." Tonight they showed Faux Commercials and Movie Spoofs, tomorrow will be Satire and Parody, Sunday will be SciFi/Horror. I'll probably post about those nights too.

The evening was divided into two parts, short films and a feature. There were about 20 short films shown in the first segment, followed by a Q&A with some of the directors and brief intermission and then Being Michael Madsen. Some of the shorts were not short enough, and others were of amazing quality (specifically one German film that I can't seem to locate). I've embedded two of the best below and a link to a third here.

I was surprised by the Michael Madsen film. The title is a little misleading; it has nothing to do with either Being John Malkovich or Being Julia. At first, I didn't know where it was going and it took me an embarassing amount of time to realize that this was Mr. Blonde. I'm not entirely certain I have the jargon to describe this film. I want to say deconstructionist or something, but I don't know the correct words. It was weird and for the first half hour (at least) it was just talking heads like a traditional documentary, but then it really got going with a documentary within a documentary. It had layers to it and most of the action is told rather than seen. I really enjoyed it, but I also really enjoy Christopher Guest films so you should use that as a barometer. It also had a brief appearance by Lacey Chabert, whom I always find agreeable.

What I find less agreeable is teenagers shouting things on the MAX, but what can I do? Eavesdrop, laugh at them secretly, and text humorous observations to my moblog? Yep.

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